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brings together ideas, concepts and players to shape the future of Cities and Regions    


was founded in 1990 by Ralf Ebert and Dr. Friedrich Gnad. Our team develops ideas, solutions and strategies within the triangle of CityRegion - Culture - Planning and cooperates with other planning consultancies throughout Europe.


Core activities  

Culture and arts, creative or culture industries, knowledge industries, cultural tourism, leisure industries, sports industries, etc. Recent studies produced by STADTart include a series of Culture and Creative Industries Reports on behalf of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and for some other of Germany’s federal states, and a study on Sports Industries in Berlin and the Ruhr.

Policy fields  

Urban and regional development, city marketing, policies for federal states/regions/cities, e.g. the "Integration of Arts, Culture & Co. into Urban Development of Berlin".

Applied research  

STADTart conducts studies and surveys for both the public and private sectors, e.g. on conversion concepts (culture, media, sports) for the temporary use of derelict land (for example in Bremen).


STADTart has a special interest in facilitating planning and participation processes, including methods of moderation - e.g. "Culture industries in Germany - basics, challenges, outlook" on behalf of the Enquete Commission "Culture in Germany" of the German Bundestag.





STADTart on Tour

23.11.2018 Bremen

Digitale Freizeit 4.0 - Smart City

10.04.2018 Eisenach

Kulturkonzept Eisenach 2025 plus

27.03.2018 Eisenach

Trisektoralisierung der Kultur

27.02.2018 Kiel


13.07.2017 Wuppertal


14.03.2017 Hamm

Sportwirtschaft im Ruhrgebiet


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